Mike Morgan (dagoonite) wrote,
Mike Morgan


A poem.

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Taking direct control
This hurts you

In other news, I don't back up my stuff often enough I've discovered. So besides losing about half my "front" work on the current project, I lost all the "hidden" work, all the puzzles, all the site design notes, and virtually all my scripts.

This hurts me, indeed.

So what am I going to do? First off, the machinima portion is being written out. I'm not writing out the actual voice bits, though -- some things just aren't conveyed through the eyes that they are through the ear. I'm just... skipping a step.

Secondly, nose to the grindstone. Gotta blast through the text, the scripts, and the notes. Then proceed as planned -- finding the right folks to read and edit. I just worry that since I know, like, nobody involved with the ARG community, people won't understand what exactly it is that I'm going for. ARG storytelling is different from normal storytelling.

I also worry about the puzzles. I'm... not good at writing them, and I wasn't happy with the ones I came up with in the first place. Tricky.

Lastly, I worry about sight design. It's going to be tricky at best, but... Meh. I can address that AFTER I have the basic story finished. Then I can tweak it for presentation purposes.

I'm friggin' INSANE.
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