Mike Morgan (dagoonite) wrote,
Mike Morgan

Short version: I hate narcotics with every passing year.

Long version:

I ran into a meth head. He touched my arm. You can SEE where he touched my arm. Out of the ER now. Head's fucked up. Can't think worth a damn. Chest pains are down, haven't had one for an hour. Gave a statement to the cops once we identified what happened. Showed me a picture, and I confirmed his identity. They told me he's a known meth head. When they find/arrest him, I may have to testify. Have to work tonight. Going to be hard, my body is numb and swollen. Gone down but still. And I was having such a very good day, too. Fixed the internet at home. Sent out a money order to start paying off the final three debts. Brought pops back from having his knee replaced. Helped Irene bring her plants inside for the winter. Gave her a new puzzle.

Poor Mom. She keeps trying to fuss over me but I just want to scream for no good reason. Stupid allergies. More later when I can focus on something for more than five minutes. Work is going to suck.
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