Mike Morgan (dagoonite) wrote,
Mike Morgan


In the past seven days I have...

Boned up on study of military training methods, with an admitted focus on Russian methodology
Paid my parents hospital bill (long story that I'd rather avoid at the risk of my blood pressure)
Performed extensive research on small-molecule chemical compounds and their effects on biology
Been in communication with a guy who works with the effects of small-molecule chemical compounds and stem cells
Replaced a tube thingie on my car... thingie
Studied the genetic effects of puberty
Researched historical actions of people who are sick (malaria is the most common affliction I've researched) with a focus on long-term feats accomplished while under the influence of these maladies
Built three virtual sets
Written four character dossiers
Learned how to sing (badly) Telephone by Lady Gaga
Played a little Bayonetta
Got into a three hour debate on the physics and biology of Prototype and the implications of the virus depicted in the game
Attempted unsuccessfully to get into contact with several medical professionals for help with research
Gotten two blisters on my hand from a can opener
Taught a coworker how to multiply in hex
Taught the parents how to give the dog her pill
Built a birdhouse
Did some research on the possibility of creating ways to harness solar power in a post-apocalyptic environment
Other stuff I can't remember
Oh, yeah, and I wrote a little bit

I'm starting to wonder if maybe I do a little too much.
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