Mike Morgan (dagoonite) wrote,
Mike Morgan

I'm nuts dpt

So, after finishing over 2,200 words tonight, I'm taking a break to think about structure.

So far, I'm looking at one large-ish website, with a login function for users, designed to be military. Preferably it should have some sort of faux email system. (IE the player "receives" emails from characters and can send messages back to them within the website.) It should appear to be a central hub for a military computer system. It should also have plenty of stuff to make it look like it's for military personnel both on and off the clock. It also needs to be able to play audio files. (With how many there are, I'm gonna need a fuckton of bandwidth if this becomes popular.)

Another one, looking military again, but only extremely bare-bones. It should have a fairly "hush-hush" attitude, like it's used by Intelligence or something.

Lastly, a "face" website for the after-event musings and messages to players.

Mein gott, I'm a lunatic! I barely know basic HTML. I've never had a website before! I have no idea what I'm doing at all.

But I will do this. Even if it turns out to be complete and utter crap, I'm going to finish it and release it.

Later, I try and figure out the rabbit hole for players.

Edit: The good news is that I'm on the final "act" of the main plot. Then comes the side plots, the scenery writing, the blarblarbl!

Edit 2: 4706 words in one day. I'm done for now. I'm going home and going to bed.
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