Mike Morgan (dagoonite) wrote,
Mike Morgan

Main plot dept

So, I've heard back from two of my editors on the main plot. Though a few things have needed touched up, so far the news has been nothing but positive. I squeed. I squeed so loud it woke a guest up. I haven't been this thrilled in a long, long time.

Next up comes the main sideplot. This is much harder for me, as I'm not good at this kind of horror. The kind of horror I deal with best is on a much more personal scale. This is simply creepy, and I'm not good with that. Too much time watching slasher movies. *emoticon here*

Then I edit both things. Sounds simple, reality is harder. Because I also need to include light puzzles and clues to the hidden webpages. I wonder if I'd get killed by the ARG community if there were no puzzles? Hard to say.

Once I get that done, I start doing supplementary materials. That's gonna be the bitch. A ton of it, much of it in different styles of writing, and all of it day-to-day drivel.

While I'm doing that, though, I can hunt down cast, maybe people to help with mixing or what have you, somebody to help with coding the site, etc. Maybe even start recording. That'd be nice, but we'll see.

Then I drop more money than I have into a website for all of this. Bandwidth is going to kill me. Then testing, then tweaking, then...

Then I go live.

I haven't been so excited over something since I left for Seattle. I just wish all these steps aren't in the way.
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